Create, Modify & Earn from Educational Content

We aim to connect teachers, students, and coders to make the creation of interactive educational contents easy, fun and rewarding.

What We Do

Our authoring tools let you create highly interactive learning experiences - no coding skills required. Our learning experiences focus on simulations, games, quizzes, and interactive plotting tools that make learning more effective and engaging. Remixing, modifying and improving existing contents is made easy.

Easy Content Creation

Our authoring tools radically decrease barriers for creating all kinds of educational contents or improving existing ones. No coding skills are needed to adapt and remix other people's simulations or educational games.

Pedagogy over Popularity

Content creators are rewarded fairly based on how well their contents teach a knowledge concept. Our machine learning models estimate the educational value each content brings to the platform. Rewards are distributed via a blockchain-based token system - this ensures easy and secure payouts globally. This also raises the average quality of contents over time.

Advance Learning Effectiveness

Interactive learning experiences communicate more information than static ones. The problem with static contents like textbooks and powerpoint slides, is that they dont allow for trial and error, which is necessary for effective learning.

Our Focus is STEM

Our Focus is STEM. 80% of high school students graduate without STEM proficiency. STEM subjects are inherently dynamic and complex, and understanding them intuitively requires modeling, interaction, manipulation and play. But this is not what textbooks, lectures, or MOOCs are! Our tools allow creatives and teachers to make and remix high-impact, high bandwith and highly interactive experiences.

Meet the Team

Picture of Robbie Zuazua
Robbie Zuazua

Founder, Software Engineer, Business Operations, Climber



Picture of Frederik Riedel
Frederik Riedel

Founder, Software Engineer, Platform Design, Climber




Picture of Daniel Renz
Daniel Renz

Founder, Machine Learning PhD, Neuroscience of Learning, Surfer



Picture of Markus Strasser
Markus Strasser

Founder, Software Engineer, Game Creator, VR/AR, Artist




Everyone can be a part of the Oasys Project.

The JOBS ACT of 2012 allows private companies (us) to sell equity to everyday people. After our seed round, we will be raising money through this new regulation. We will aim to list securities bought through our crowdfunding rounds on alternate trading systems, giving investors near instant liquidity after the initial lockup period.

We will also be awarding equity to developers and content creators who bring valuable content onto our platform. Join the investor mailing list to stay tuned!

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